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Our Products

Here at Raw Paws Pet Food, we believe that the best chance of having a happy, healthy pet is through quality nutrition. That’s why we source our food from local, responsible, small family farms. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality pet food made with the freshest ingredients!

Signature Blends

The formulation of our proprietary frozen Signature Blends came together with the combination of our 20+ years of raw feeding experience along with advice from holistic vets and animal dietary nutritionists.

We chose to keep our signature blends as natural as possible, just meat, bone, and organ! We wanted to best reflect what our pet’s ancestors ate in the wild.

Although most customers serve our signature blends as is, our straightforward blends also offer you, the pet parent, the freedom to customize your pet's diet to meet their specific needs!

Always Frozen, from the Farm to your Doorstep!

  • Always Fresh

    Small Batches Made Weekly - Stored at 0 degrees in our Freezers

  • Same Day Shipping

    Fast, FREE Shipping - Nationwide from Indianapolis

  • Delivers Frozen

    Foam Cooler with Dry Ice - Delivers to your Doorstep Still Frozen