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  Chicken Leg Quarters, 40 lbs
Chicken Leg Quarters, 40 lbs

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Our new, convenient 10 lb package will be available for purchase on July 17, 2015!

Raw feeding enthusiasts and newbie's rave about our chicken leg quarters. They offer the firm texture of meat, along with the chewy, crunchiness of bone. This combination of meat and bone provides a great way to introduce raw food to a kibble fed dog as it discourages eating too quickly. And best of all ... in addition to being dog "taste bud" approved they are also packed with many essential nutrients. This product is available in a convenient 10-pound package. You can also purchase in bulk with our 40-pound case.

As a natural source of protein, healthy fat, selenium, and vitamin B12, chicken leg quarters provide your pet with numerous health benefits. Protein delivers energy, while selenium protects their blood vessels, and vitamin B-12 regulates nerve function. You can make your dog's meal complete and balanced by pairing with one of our organ meats such as chicken liver, beef liver strips or goat/lamb tripe strips.

Quality You Can Trust
USDA Inspected USA Raised Never Cooked All Natural
Minimally Processed No Preservatives No Fillers No Additives
Beneficial For
Heart Organ Function Digestion Joints
Eyes Weight Control Oral Health Skin & Coat
  • Additional benefits of raw feeding for both pet and owner


    Benefits of Raw Feeding

      Benefits for Pets

    • Improved Teeth & Breath
    • Reduced Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia
    • Improved Immune System
    • Increased Mental Stimulation
    • Reduced Risk of Diabetes
    • Helps Maintain Ideal Weight
    • Reduced Allergies (Skin & Food)
    • Less Ear Wax Build Up
    • Increased Stamina
    • Chewing Enrichment
    • Bladder Control

      Benefits for Owners

    • Longer, Healthier Pet Life
    • Reduced Degenerative Disease in Pet
    • Fewer Visits to the Vet
    • Lower Dental Bills
    • Less Shedding
    • Stool is Firmer, Smaller, & Less Odor
    • Lessen Bad Breath
    • Reduced Flatulence
    • Reduced Hyperactivity
    • Prevent Fleas & Ticks
    • Reduce or Eliminate Prescriptions

Weight 10 lbs, 40 lbs
Texture Firm, Crunchy, Chewy
Packaging Bag
Key Nutrients
Vitamin A Omega 6
Vitamin B6 Folate
Vitamin K Potassium
Phosphorus Selenium
Niacin Choline

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